Monday, January 17, 2005


Psychologists!!!!!!!!!......and Dims

From Chicago Magazine (via Opinion Journal).......full disclosure - both my children are PhD Psychologists:

The tens [sic] states (including the District of Columbia ) with the highest ratio of psychologists per 100,000 residents, were, with the exception of Colorado, all blue states which supported John Kerry (D.C, Vermont, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado, Illinois, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, in rank order from one to ten). The ten states with the lowest ratio of psychologists per 100,000 residents, all were red states supporting Bush (Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Nevada, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Indiana). Louisiana with the lowest ratio is listed first.
Now we know that they're (Dims) in need of professional help. Shame on me for laughing at the PEST(Post election selection trauma) story in nutty Palm Beach County, Florida. Obviously their treatments haven't been effective.


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