Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Bill Moyers - Lying Arrogance

Excerpt of a letter from James Watt to Bill Moyers (H/T Powerline):

I have never thought, believed or said such words. Nor have I ever said anything similar to that thought which could be interpreted by a reasonable person to mean anything similar to the quote attributed to me.

Because you are at least average in intelligence and have a basic understanding of Christian beliefs, you know that no Christian would believe what you attributed to me.

Because you have had the privilege of serving in the White House under President Johnson, you know that no person believing such a thing would be qualified for a presidential appointment, nor would he be confirmed by the United States Senate, and if confirmed and said such a thing would he be allowed to continue in service.

Since you must have known such a statement would not have been made and you refused or failed to do any primary research on this supposed quote, what was your motive in printing such a damnable lie?

UPDATE: Powerline(H/T Instapundit) says the arrogant leftist SOB apologized to Mr Watt. He claims he'll put it in writing........we shall see........it's not like the hypocritical holy hater.

UPDATE 2: I was right. The hypocrite hedged in his so-called "apology". Hate triumphs on the left as always:

I found your policies abysmally at odds with what I understand as a Christian to be our obligation to be stewards of the earth," Moyers said. "I found it baffling, when in our conversation of today, you were unaware of how some fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible influence political attitudes toward the environment."


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