Thursday, February 03, 2005


Ward Churchill - fake Indian and genuine Nazi

Indian Country Today discusses the fraudulent "Native" identity of "Professor" Ward Churchill and characterizes his hateful speech and writings as no honor to the Native American Movement:

......Being in the crucible of hostility is not new to the chip-on-the-shoulder professor, who has become a celebrity for jumping into the polemic melee over issues big and small, internal and external to the Native world. Even in the question of personal identity, the professor's position is controversial. Churchill's Indian status is not verifiable in the usual ways of checking into tribal membership. We are expansive here from a national position on recognized and non-recognized tribes, southern nations and global indigenous people, but the question of relations and proper belonging in the tribal circles in the United States and Canada is generally verifiable for Indian observers and such appears to be completely lacking in Churchill's case. He has claimed membership in the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee, but reliable representatives from the tribe deny Churchill is or ever was, or has blood relatives on their rolls. He was granted an ''associate certificate'' by a former leader of the tribe (later impeached) for services supposedly rendered, not due to blood relations - but even the tribe declines to exactly identify what that means.

Discerning indigenous identity is not an exact science, but it has its rules. It would not be a primary issue relative to research and writing of producers from any quarter, except Churchill represents himself as a major spokesman for Indian people through his participation in a branch of AIM and his claim to Cherokee origins. So far, nothing whatsoever has surfaced that gives evidence to Churchill's claims to having Cherokee Indian origins. Given the intense antagonism and attention focused on Churchill, his biography in this context is likely to be further scrutinized by the University of Colorado, the media, and others who were led to understand he was an American Indian professional at the time of his hiring........
Now if we could just get a transcript of the treasonous pronouncements of Eason Jordan, we could maybe induce him to resign from public discourse also. His hatred is of the same unthinking ideology found in Mr Churchill's polemics.

UPDATE: Denver Post has further revelations about the "truthfulness " of Mr Churchill.

UPDDATE 2: Rocky Mountain News chimes in. He's a fraud in all things!


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