Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Vietnamese "Victory" Celebration

Joe Scarborough agrees with my view that the Vietnamese clients of the Democratic Party lost the war, rather than won it - condemning their plantation residents to at least 30 years of servitude - much like the black population of the US today. Except the blacks have been condemned for a longer period which shows no sign of ending:

............Despite laughable attempts by Reuters and other Western news outlets to suggest that Ho Chi Mihn's country is undergoing a "remarkable recovery" and an "economic rejuvenation," a less starry-eyed reporter would note that the country's per capita income hovers around $500.

Ah, sweet liberation. $500 bucks a year.

Thank God those imperialist American pigs didn't succeed there like they did in South Korea a decade earlier. Forget the fact that South Korea's per capita income in 2004 was around $14,500..........


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