Saturday, June 18, 2005


Liberal s gloat about "unfit to live"

Dionne and his Washington Post are still trying to define who is "fit to live" and who isn't:

Right-to-life politicians have done terrible damage to a serious cause. They claimed to know what they did not, and could not, know. They were willing to imply, without proof, terrible things about a husband who was getting in their way. Instead of making the hard and morally challenging case for keeping Terri Schiavo on life support, they spun an emotional narrative that they thought would play well on cable TV and talk radio.

No, we should not move on. We should remember that some politicians will say whatever is necessary to advance their immediate purposes. Apologies, anyone?

No, we should not move on as long as elitist idiots like Dionne set the rules and frame the debate. To listen to them is the beginning of a new holocaust - euthanasia for the "unfit". Apologies are never offered by the "elite of the left".


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