Friday, June 02, 2006


No hypocrisy here, move on......

Rocco DiPippo has a small problem with Mr Gore, Google, and the drive-by media:

Then there is the small matter of Al Gore’s relationship with Google. As an advisor to the company prior to its public offering of stock, speculation abounds that he has made a substantial fortune. Nothing wrong with cashing in on Wall Street, of course, except among some on the extreme left. But awkwardly, Google’s cave-in to the tyrants of Beijing on the little matter of internet censorship raises important questions about Gore’s ability to conduct the foreign policy of the United States, not to mention his commitment to freedom of speech. Would Google and Gore welcome a thorough examination of his relationship to the company? So far, Gore has been silent on his exact financial and business relationship.

In the old days, the drive-by media would simply omit these inconvenient issues from its coverage. But the New Media now makes such deception nearly impossible to cleanly execute. Because of that, knowledge of Gore’s wasteful personal energy policy and his involvement with Google will become widespread if his candidacy begins in earnest, and no amount of reverential, “comeback-kid” scripting will diminish the magnitude of the hypocrisy. Gore will fade quicker than post-scream Howard Dean.


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