Saturday, November 18, 2006


Democratic "honor"

Our enemy wins by default:

In the wake of all these wonderful achievements, the Democratic Party wants to leave Iraq. Their leadership has vastly oversimplified complex issues that could mean very serious consequences for our country. As former Secretary of State James A. Baker, now co-chairman of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group recently said, "There's no magic bullet for the situation in Iraq. It's very, very difficult."
Withdrawing American forces from Iraq would not only invite further aggression from other challengers, it would leave a stain on America's credibility and military presence in the Middle East. It would immortalize a terrible moment in history in which those who look to America for hope would suddenly feel hopeless. And it would compromise U.S. status around the globe as the unchallenged leader of the Free World.
Those of us who continue to support the liberation effort in Iraq do so because we believe in loyalty. We believe it would be a cruel, unspeakable tragedy for America to abandon the Iraqi people to a merciless insurgency that wants to reinstate the totalitarian rule of the now outlawed Ba'ath Party. Under no circumstances will we vote for withdrawal or surrender. We stand for our country, we stand behind our president, and we will always stand alongside our brothers and sisters in Iraq.


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