Monday, February 05, 2007


Global Harming?


.............Algore and all the priests of global warming point out a near perfect relationship between the level of CO2 and methane in the atmosphere and temperatures on the Earth. It is striking in how perfect it is. And despite the lack of sustained proven credibility in paleoclimatology, they've hung their hat on the Vostok ice core sample that shows the same thing. Follow me here. A large number of very credible scientists actually think the ice core shows that during warm periods on earth's surface, temperatures rose and then the gases grew. But you don't hear about these scientists and their research because the media and high priests all label them kooks.

Go get yourself an icy cold 12 oz. Coke from your fridge. Get a room temperature one too. Get two glasses. Pour one Coke in each glass and watch. What happens? The room temperature Coke releases its CO2 rapidly. The cold one does not. So maybe, just maybe, a colder ocean releases gas more slowly than a warmer ocean. Considering man does not release into the atmosphere CO2 and methane at the same rate and yet scientists find a near perfect correlation between CO2 levels, methane levels, and global temperatures, maybe it is the Earth getting warmer, which causes the gas release from the oceans and not the other way around. Maybe this can all be explained by the sun going through a period of increased activity, generating more heat. And maybe that is why Mars is experiencing global warming too!.............


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